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Monday, June 06, 2005



Uh, you're overthinking this one here... it's supposed to sound and taste like a lethal household cleaner because thats basically what it is. I mean, you're conducting nuclear warfare on oral flora, and subtlety and delicacy of aroma are not qualities wanted in full-out germicidal warfare. Any tastebuds killed off in the process can just be chalked up as collateral damage. If you don't make these preemptive strikes, who knows what kind of damage those freedom hating bacteria can do. Suicide attacks on innocent gum tissue? For fuck's sake man, pull your head out of the sand.

By the way- Listerine, named after Joseph Lister, father of antisepstic technique. No I didn't have to look that up.


Good to know. While you're at it, Mr. Expert, would you happen to know the etymology of Ben Gay*?

*Proudly sold by Pfizer since 1898!


to tell you the truth, i've never minded listerine. it's always served as a friendly reminder that there are things to look forward to in death, too.

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